Sunday, November 08, 2015

Animal Art

We began some Art Work on Friday based upon some animals we saw at the Zoo. There are two parts to our art work and it isn't finished yet! The finished design will be shown at the last assembly on the 19th of November. These are the children designing their backgrounds - we learnt about blending to create a sunset or a blue sky and dotting to create a grass effect. They turned out fabulously!


The Zoo Trip

What a fantastic day had by all! We were split up most of the day, each group were free to explore after our class session so I wasn't able to photograph every body but I tried. Thank you to the parent helpers - we couldn't have had such a successful day without you :)

Rugby World Cup Projects

Wow!! What a fantastic effort everyone put into their Rugby World Cup homework! I am so very impressed with the projects that were brought to school to share with the Middle Syndicate! A lot of hard work and effort has gone into these and the children were very proud of their work - thank you to the parents who also put in hard work and effort. Some of these projects have had hours and hours of time put into them and it really paid off. Great work Room 5!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Letters made out of play dough

Cruz and Aaliyah wanted me to take a picture of their successful letters made out of play dough. Great activity to work on the kids fine motor skills and develop increased knowledge about forming letters.


The kids are lucky enough to get fortnightly soccer lessons on a Wednesday. Check out the fun they have!


Maths - the start of rounding to the nearest 10

This week, this group began to learn a new strategy to use when solving equations. It's all about rounding to the nearest 10 to break the numbers down and create an easier way to solve larger numbers (when we get to larger numbers). I call it the "jelly bean" strategy, as you make a jelly bean in the equation as shown in the pictures below.


Buddy reading with Room 7

Every Friday we go to Room 7 and they help us to read. They also read to us, to show us what good readers look and sound like. Buddy reading is important because it not only helps the younger students, it puts the older students in a role of responsibility and allows them to be the experts. This helps them to build confidence and it helps the younger students as some ideas may be put in a way that is easier to understand - "kid speak". Take a look at how awesome both classes are together.